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We Are Retro Marketing


Established in 1998, Retro Marketing is an Independent Insurance Agency dedicated to providing comprehensive coverage that our customers have come to trust.

We have the staff and skills to work for you and your business, limiting your risks and protecting the equity you have built. We can review your present needs and project your future needs, helping you prepare for every contingency. Our mission is to help investors meet their financial objectives by providing a comprehensive value-added, results getting, best-practices business and financial advisory services.

Our team that serves a wide range of investors has demonstrated success in the chosen fields, and is expert in dealing with the issues that impact our clients.

The company is dealing with the retails as well as the corporate clients who demand value priced insurance services of all the insurance companies both Public Sector and Private. As a fast growing business enterprise we have entered the stage of maturity and aim at steady growth and expansion. To accomplish this objective we are attempting to win prestige, recognition and goodwill in the industry in which we are operating. We are regularly plugging back a part of our profits in infrastructure development of the company for attaining optimum size to avail economies of scale.


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